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XO Module
XO DIY is the heart of the well known XO2.2 and XO3.2 clock upgrades. Tentlabs low jitter XO clock is now available as a separate module to ...    More info

Price: €  24,37 excl. VAT
Shunt Regulator
Upgrades power supplies of both analog and digital circuits, mostly found in CD/DVD players, DACs and similar audio equipment. Low noise, wi ...    More info

Price: €  32,77 excl. VAT
Heater Supply
This module feeds heaters of indirectly heated tubes. Compact, very low drop, output range from 2.5V to 13V. Max output 1,5Adc.    More info

Price: €  32,23 excl. VAT
Filament supply, 2,5A
Filament supply. Designed to feed output valve filaments up to 2,5A like 45, 2A3, 300b and many others    More info

Price: €  57,44 excl. VAT
XO 3.2
XO3.2 is intended to be used when external DACs are connected. XO3.2 is equal to XO2.2, but contains an additional reclocking circuit for th ...    More info

Price: €  150,42 excl. VAT
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